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Sara Giannini: Why I am What I am not: Thinking about (curatorial) ecstasy as resistance
Tuesday, November 6, 2018,  1 PM
→ CCS Bard Classroom 102
Sara giannini   headshot
Admission Info
Please RSVP to Casey Robertson ( if you would like to attend this event.

In this talk 2018 Mondriaan curator-in-residence Sara Giannini will share the initial threads of her research on ecstasy (from the Ancient Greek ek-stasis: ‘to stand outside oneself’) and feminist dissident practices of trance-lations and dis-identity politics. Starting from her own biography, she will map the affinities between curating, female mysticism, the opera, the night club, the dispossession of the self, masquerades, the language of the body, the voice.

Sara Giannini is an independent curator, writer and teacher based in Amsterdam, currently a curator-in-residence at CCS Bard. With a background in theatre studies and semiotics, she is drawn towards the interlinking of language and performativity across a variety of (artistic) practices. Her engagement with the curatorial emerges from the desire to facilitate “transvestism” as a methodology.