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Andy Warhol
Unidentified Man (Glasses), 1979
Polaroid photograph
“Andy Warhol was highly attuned to our social practice of using celebrations to mark anniversaries, whether of births, deaths or centennials, and whether of people, places or things,” said Reva Wolf, Professor of Art at SUNY New Paltz and curator of “Marking Time”. This “anniversary” or “commemoration” theme can be found in many of Warhol’s works, such as his famous Marilyn Monroe series, which was made in 1967 on the fifth anniversary of Monroe’s death at the age of 36. This is just one of many examples, and “Marking Time” is correspondingly divided into five sections emphasizing Warhol’s images of time-​​marking occasions: Holidays, Commemorations of Things, Commemorations of People, Anniversaries of Deaths, and Birthdays and Other Celebrations. As part of a Fall 2017 course on Warhol, SUNY New Paltz students authored both the informative texts located throughout the exhibition and the essays in the accompanying catalogue.