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Ivana Králíkova 24/7 Tight Schedule
October 31 – December 2, 2011
→ CCS Bard
Curated by
  • Marina Noronha
Exhibition Category
Bulletin Boards, Student Curated Projects

Ivana Králíková is a Sweden-based artist who utilizes sculpture and situation to investigate notions of place and context. By making use of both amateur and academic knowledge, she questions individual and collective modes of experience, intuition, and the presence of habits within social structures.  24/7 Tight Schedule continues a conversation that Králíková and I started a year ago in Sweden on the topic of Macumba, a Brazilian religious practice. In a Macumba ritual, a material offering is made to the spirits through an assemblage of found objects and crafts.  Inherent in these offerings is the faith that the spirits will have direct influence on a future outcome.  With this in mind, Králíková and I are curious about how to articulate witchcraft’s presence within contemporary daily rituals and material culture.  The installation functions as a talisman devoted to time. It confers supernatural power to ordinary objects. By using underwear, Králíková exposes our daily routine of “panty” changes.  It underlines the extent to which our lives and habits are controlled by our relationship to time.  24/7 Tight Schedule was intentionally made to fit tight in the small structure of the Bulletin Board. Here, a personal interpretation of Macumba has been used in our own particular way, constructed through an artist-curator exchange.

Marina Noronha

Tight schedule is a tailored “fit-in” sculpture.
It mixes the practice of art with witchcraft as a form of thinking.
The scenario of the show is framed around the relationship between a person and an object
with supernatural powers.
Exposed collection of panties, panties as objects traverse many cultures, not belonging to any
specific one.
Here being on display as a hand-made fetish, it follows the logic of a working week time
planner only to become a personal time guide.

Ivana Králíková


The Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College is the third venue to host Matthew Higgs’s (Curator and Director of White Columns) bulletin board project. CCS and Higgs collaborated to begin a bulletin board program at Bard in the fall of 2007 with the understanding that the graduate students at CCS would curate it. The bulletin board is an enclosed glass case divided into three panes by aluminum bars.