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080_06 Where Are You.jpg
1999 Spring Exhibitions: Group 3
May 9 – May 23, 1999
→ CCS Bard Galleries
Exhibition Category
Collected exhibitions
Included exhibitions
Rewriting the City
Curated by Xandra Eden
077_01 Rewriting the CityFeature.jpg
Francis Alÿs, Nina Katchadourian, and Gabriel Orozco recover objects and record actions, using the city as studio and medium.
Curated by Eun-Kyung Kwon
078_01 UniformFeature.jpg
Nir Hod, Daniel Oates, Ernesto Pujol, Do-Ho Suh, and Fred Wilson incorporate images of uniforms in works that explore sociocultural hierarchies and questions of identity.
Shelf Life
Curated by Denise Markonish
079_01 Shelf LifeFeature.jpg
Works by Moyra Davey, Sowon Kwon, Louise Lawler, Haim Steinbach, and Mark Winetrout explore the relationships between collected objects and their sites of display.
Curated by Tatjana von Prittwitz und Gaffron
080_01 Where Are YouFeature.jpg
Works and projects invite the curious to create what the German artist Joseph Beuys envisioned as “social sculpture.”