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December 6 – December 14, 2018
→ CCS Bard Galleries
Exhibition Category
Collected exhibitions
V.5 presents five exhibitions organized by fourteen first-year students from the Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College (CCS Bard) working with the Marieluise Hessel Collection. These exhibitions pose five responses to the following conditions: three and a half months, two to four-person groups, 40 artworks, selected from a collection of over 3,000, and displayed in 7,000 square feet of space in and around the CCS Bard Galleries. From five vantage points, we consider how the collection respectively inhabits, haunts, flexes, wracks, or illuminates our queries.
Included exhibitions
Encounters: Four Flickering Lights
Curated by Sukanya Baskar, Muheb Esmat, Michelle Weiqiu Song
Parreno 01.jpg
Encounters: Four Flickering Lights disperses identical artworks by Philippe Parreno around the CCS Bard building. This exhibition takes the artwork’s open-ended installation instructions as an opportunity to explore their flexibility through the mode of presentation.
Wrack Focus
Curated by Marisa Espe, Bergen Hendrickson, Elizaveta Shneyderman
Wrack focus 03.jpg
Wrack Focus proffers a staging in which an unresolved exchange is suspended between two operations: bifurcation, division into two, and stereoscopy, enhancing the illusion of depth.
Flex: Sculpting the Self
Curated by Julia Gardener, Brooke Nicholas
Flex 07.jpg
Flex: Sculpting the Self presents a set of works by Scott Burton, Richard Deacon, Jenny Holzer, Christian Jankowski, and Robert Mapplethorpe that pose the body’s potential ability to overcome pervasive political, financial, and health realities in the 1980s.
Be With Me Always, Take Any Form, Drive Me Mad
Curated by Liz Lorenz, Ciena Leshley, Ana Lopes
Be With Me 01.jpg
Be With Me Always, Take Any Form, Drive Me Mad brings together eight artists whose works are simultaneously haunting and haunted. The works deal with encountering that which inhabits the fleshy body, yet is unable to be grasped; each one carries with it a tangible weight—the weight of memory, opacity, power, stillness, lingering, and absence.
Looks Like That
Curated by Darla Migan, María Camila Montalvo, Rachel Vera Steinberg
Looks Like That 02.jpg
Looks Like That investigates different valences of looking that feed stereotypes: both how things appear (a look), and the action of looking (to look).