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From the Collection: First Year Practicum 2019
December 5 – December 15, 2019
→ CCS Bard Audrey and Sydney Irmas Atrium, CCS Bard Galleries
Curated by
  • Krista Alba
  • Caitlin Chaisson
  • Yihsuan Chiu
  • Jenni Crain
  • Liv Cuniberti
  • Paulina Ascencio Fuentes
  • Bernardo Mosqueira
  • Natasha Matteson
  • Christine Nyce
  • Camila Palomino
  • Georgie Payne
  • Allie / A.L. Rickard
  • Candice Strongwater
  • Gee Wesley
Exhibition Category
Collected exhibitions

Opening Reception: Thursday, December 5, 2019, 4:30 -6:30

From the Collection: First Year Practicum 2019 is comprised of four exhibitions each drawn from the Marieluise Hessel Collection. Curated in groups by the fourteen M.A. candidates in the Class of 2021, the exhibitions examine the Collection through themes of migration, race, transformation, and pain.

Extending from the atrium to the entry gallery in the CCS Bard Galleries, But the skin of the earth is seamless proposes an approach to global migration that focuses on its generative and creative potential. In the following gallery, White people are        asks viewers to consider how whiteness has operated in the featured artist’s practices, and how their identity has been implicated, or not, in discussions of their work. Persons in the Presence of a Metamorphosis includes a diverse range of artistic approaches that grapple with various forms of transformation, emphasizing the importance of remaining receptive to change, difference, and possibility. In the final gallery, the works in throbbing_quivering_pulsing_beating give language to the sensorial dimensions and rhythmic patterns of pain and pleasure in the body.

Included exhibitions
Persons in the Presence of a Metamorphosis
Curated by Krista Alba, Caitlin Chaisson, Jenni Crain, Liv Cuniberti
But the skin of the earth is seamless
Curated by Yihsuan Chiu, Bernardo Mosqueira, Allie / A.L. Rickard
White people are       
Curated by Paulina Ascencio Fuentes, Georgie Payne, Gee Wesley
throbbing_quivering _pulsing_beating
Curated by Natasha Matteson, Christine Nyce, Camila Palomino, Candice Strongwater