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The Whole is Not 17.jpg
December 7 – December 15, 2017
→ CCS Bard Galleries
Curated by
  • Drew Kahuʻāina Broderick
  • Eugenia Delfini
  • Dain Oh
  • Zane Onckule
  • Suzie Smith
  • Thea Spittle
Part of
Exhibition Category
Hessel Collection Exhibitions, Student Curated Projects

Presents: is an exercise in eschewing categorization in favor of more intuitive modes of display and engagement. Works from different generations and artistic positions are brought together around affective qualities and spatial proximity. The exhibition asks how intuition shapes the way we connect artworks and how it can offer a means for unexpected interpretation. Through a map, sticker, photo album, and prompts, a visitor kit further narrates and fluctuates potential relationships between the artworks and the audience.

Including artworks by John Bock | Tony Cragg | Neil Jenney | Christian Marclay | R.H. Quaytman | Analia Saban | Frances Stark | Do-Ho Suh | Rosemarie Trockel | Rhonda Zwillinger