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Kin to these tremors
December 7 – December 17, 2023
→ CCS Bard Galleries
Curated by
  • Đỗ Tường Linh
  • Cicely Haggerty
  • Lekha Jandhyala
  • Audrey Min
  • Andrew Suggs
Part of
Exhibition Category
Hessel Collection Exhibitions, Student Curated Projects

Kin to these tremors centers the precariousness of human life. Facing imminent sickness, decay, or death, the figures depicted in this exhibition exude a subtle agency, whether in Maria Lassnig’s self-portraits created near the end of her life or in Lucky DeBellevue’s chenille sculpture evoking the soft architecture of the human form. In other artworks, the body is pried at, shown ill, and found under strain. Together, the works on view maintain a sense of persistence, even as their subjects variously encounter senescence, disease, environmental hazards, or sociopolitical violence. The exhibition asks: Under these conditions, what forms might agency, resistance, and dignity take?

The exhibition’s title originates from “Patient History,” a poem by Travis Chi Wing Lau that describes his experiences of pain as a marker of time. Punctuating the exhibition, a cacophony of metronomes—an artwork by Martin Creed—stands as a persistent reminder of time’s creep. Featured artists include Vito Acconci, Lucky DeBellevue, Martin Creed, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Maria Lassnig, Adam Putnam, Jo Spence, and Rosemarie Trockel.

Kin to these tremors is curated by Đỗ Tường Linh, Cicely Haggerty, Lekha Jandhyala, Audrey Min, and Andrew Suggs.