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Jason Boughton
Artist-in-Residence, 2012

Jason Boughton (b. 1968, Spokane WA), has labored on an uncompensated or below minimum wage basis for: The Public Art Fund, VideoDUMBO, Spin Cycle Post, 911 Media Arts Center (Seattle), Toronto International Film Festival, Daniele Ugolini Contemporary, Franco Soffiantino Gallery (Turin), Volta NYC, Creative Time/Queens Museum, Columbia University School of the Arts, Ludlow 38, 6-9 Month Space, Moscow International Film and Video Festival, Martha Rosler, Vladivostok International Video Festival, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Invagination I & II, Millennium Filmmaker Workshop, Lower Manhattan Community Council, Sidney International Film Festival, National Mobilization Against Sweatshops, Bruce High Quality Foundation, Fisher-Landau Center for Contemporary Art, Anthology Film Archives, The Filmmakers Cooperative, Scaramouche Gallery. He is currently engaged in un-alienated labour as co-proprietor of Hanns Eisler Nail Salon.

Hanns Eisler Nail Salon (H.E.N.S.) (b. 2009) is a polymorphous collective of self-transparent unalienated laborers engaged in the non-hierarchical giving and taking of supple manicures in temporary autonomous zones. H.E.N.S. has produced GuineaKunstRaum Hoey/Wosow, Rhinebeck; Radical Nail Samplers; Alternative Pedagogy and Left Daycare: WorkingtitleforArtwork, by Danna Vajda; Precarious Worker Mixer: a teach-in on unpaid internships, employment law and worker organizing; World Historical Sock Puppet Labor Colloquium; Varick and the Detention Centers of New Jersey (video); Manicure Your Neighborhood: a teach-in on zoning, community planning and the politics of development. Upcoming projects include workshops on Employer Sanctions Law, Joint Employer Liability law and strike fund administration.