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CCS Bard Collections and Access
Can I check out material from the CCS Bard Library?
The CCS Bard Library is a non-circulating collection and materials are available for use in the library only. We do have a photocopier/scanner for patron use in making reproductions.
How do I access Special Collections or Archives items?
CCS Bard Special Collections and Archives material requires an appointment for viewing. Please contact to schedule a research appointment and allow at least 1 business day for access.
How do I access items in CCS MS/RR Backlog?
Items marked CCS MS Backlog or CCS RR Backlog can be requested for rush cataloging and access. Please contact to request the item and we will contact you when it is available for your use, usually within 1 business day.
How do I access items in the CCS Media Collection?
Items in the CCS Media Collection can be checked out for use in the library from a full-time library staff member Monday - Friday 9:30am - 5:00pm. You can also schedule an appointment by contacting
How do I reserve a meeting space in the CCS Bard Library?
The Library Classroom and the Laura-Lee Whittier Woods Collaborative Study Room are both available for reservation. Please submit a request via the Reserve a Meeting Space form and a staff member will contact you to confirm.
How can I schedule a group or class visit to view collection items?
For information on viewing items from the Archives, Special Collections or the art collection, please see the Research and Viewing page.
CCS Bard Catalog
What am I searching in the CCS Bard library catalog?

CCS Bard Library’s catalog was designed as a starting point for research with CCS collections in an art-specific context. You will find materials held by the CCS Bard Library, records for CCS Bard archival collections and links to their respective finding aids, as well as access to a variety of material available through Bard College’s subscription databases focused on coverage of contemporary arts and culture.

For more information about resources in the larger Bard College system, see “Bard College Libraries” below or search the Bard Libraries catalog or the A-Z Databases for a full list of electronic resources available at Bard.

What’s the difference between Catalog and Articles search?
The Catalog search returns results for collection materials held in the CCS Bard Library & Archives. The Articles search returns results, both full-text and citation, found in a specific set of Bard’s subscription databases with coverage particularly focused on arts and culture. For a list of databases available in the tool click here.
How can I browse all the materials in a given collection?
In the Catalog search, you can browse a list of everything in the CCS Bard Library by entering no search criteria at all and initiating the search. You can then limit the results by selecting facets on the left.
How do I browse just the holdings in the CCS Bard Special Collections?
Go to Catalog Advanced Search, in the Collection facet, select “CCS Special Collections” and initiate the search.
How do I browse a list of artists’ publications (artists’ books, artists’ periodicals and artists’ recordings)?
Go to Catalog Advanced Search, in the Collection facet, select “CCS Artists’ Publications” and initiate the search.
How do I browse a list of all CCS Bard MA Theses?
Go to Catalog Advanced Search, in the Collection facet select “CCS Masters Theses” and initiate the search.
How do I browse a list of all periodicals held in the CCS Bard Library?
Go to Catalog Advanced Search, in the Resource Type facet select “Periodical” and initiate the search.
What is the difference between the Resource Type and Material Type facets?

Resource Type is a broad classification of the resource being described (book, periodical, video/DVD, etc.). Material type is a more specific designation of the resource type. For example, an artists’ book would be a resource type “book” and would also have a material type “artists’ book.”

Material types are a new descriptive facet in our cataloging, so you can expect to see this metadata enriched moving forward.

How do I browse a list of all media in the CCS Bard Library and Archives?
Media exists across collections at CCS Bard and is housed in the library’s main collection, in Special Collections and also appears in archival collections. It is best to isolate this search by resource type, material type and/or location.
How do I browse a list of media in the main CCS Bard media collection?
Go to Catalog Advanced Search, in the Collection facet, select “CCS Library Media” and initiate the search.
How do I browse media housed in Special Collections?
In Catalog Advanced Search, in the Collection facet, select “CCS Special Collections” and pair with a specific resource type or material type then initiate the search.
How do I browse material types housed in the Archives?
In Catalog Advanced Search, under the Resource Type facet, select “Archives” and use the Material Type facet to browse specific forms. This search will return brief records for finding aids in which the material type is found. You can then link to the finding aid to learn more about the content.
Bard College Libraries
How do I search the holdings of other Bard Libraries?
The Bard Libraries Catalog reflects the holdings of the CCS Bard Library, the Stevenson Library, the Levy Economics Institute Library and the Bard Graduate Center Library.
What do I do if I can’t find my book at CCS Bard or in the Bard Libraries catalog?
If you don’t find the book you’re looking for in the Bard Libraries Catalog, you should then search ConnectNY. If the book is not in ConnectNY, you would then search it in WorldCat to place an interlibrary loan (ILL) request.
What is ConnectNY and how do I access it?
ConnectNY is a group of academic libraries in New York State with a consortial borrowing agreement. Materials can be requested from member libraries and will be delivered to the Reserves Desk on the 3rd floor of Stevenson Library usually within 2-3 days.
How do I submit an interlibrary loan (ILL) request?
Before you submit an ILL request, be sure that you have first searched the Bard Libraries catalog and the ConnectNY catalog. If the item you’re looking for is not in either of those catalogs, you then search WorldCat and you can follow the links in each record to submit an ILL request.
How do I create an interlibrary loan (ILL) account?
To use the interlibrary loan services, you must first set up an account here.
Where are ConnectNY and ILLiad items delivered?
ConnectNY and ILLiad are both services provided by Stevenson Library. You will be notified via email when your materials have arrived and they will be available for pick-up on the 3rd floor of Stevenson Library at the Reserves Desk. ConnectNY and ILLiad items must also be returned to the Reserves Desk at Stevenson.
How long do ConnectNY and ILLiad items take to arrive?
ConnectNY books are usually available within 2-3 business days. ILLiad books can take up to 1 week. However, articles requested via ILL are usually returned electronically within 2 business days.
Can I access electronic resources from off-campus?
Yes, you can access electronic resources from off-campus. You will be asked to authenticate using your Bard credentials.
WiFi and Network Printing
How do I access the Bard network?
While you are on campus, the BardWireless network is open and our electronic resources will automatically authenticate.
How do I send print jobs from my laptop to the network printer?

Choose “Any Campus BW” to send to the Bard network printers for pick-up anywhere on campus. If you don’t see “Any Campus BW” in your printer options, make sure you’ve downloaded the appropriate printer driver for your laptop here.

Open the BardPrint web application at Click “Login with your Bard account.” After entering your Bard credentials, you can upload the file(s) you’d like to print, make other adjustments, and see your account balance. After uploading your files, they will be ready for pickup at any campus printer. You must have your ID to release the job at the printer.

What are students given for a printing budget each semester?
Each student receives $37.50 for printing in a BardPrint account each semester. Please keep in mind that this balance does not carry over from semester to semester and is reduced to zero exactly one day after the semester ends.
How do I replenish my BardPrint account if I run out of funds?
To add value to your BardPrint account, go to the Student Accounts office on the 1st floor of Buildings and Grounds, Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm. Please note that they accept CASH or CHECK ONLY. Also keep in mind that any balance you have in your account will be reduced to zero at the end of the semester.