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CCS Bard Master's Theses
Ccslib 4

Brown, Laura
Even in Death She Wouldn’t Stop Grinning

Easterbrooks, Levi
Amy Lien & Enzo Camacho: Double Take, Double Speak, Double Bind

Fields, Max
Not Quite Verbatim

Heiman, Talia
Holes in the Sound Wall

Hibbard, Andrew O’Neill
Felix Gonzalez-Torres: “Everything is connected to everything”

Karasyk, Alison
Monumental Remove: Locating Past and Presence at the Steilneset Memorial

Maltese, Sabrina
Variations on Abbas Akhavan

Nimrod, Selby
True Crime

Patier, Thomas
Everything is going to be fine: Technology with Personality

Silva Daza, Santiago
A Contingency of Measures: On An Interpretation of the Work of Stanley Brouwn

Spears, Hannah
Absence and Alterity in the Work of Candice Lin

Ugelvig, Jeppe
“Fashion Work, Fashion Workers: A Recent History of Art/Fashion Hybridity”

Vigier, Janique Préjet
My Name is Fate: Death as Motif in Hervé Guibert

Wallin, Amelia
What do you care?

Xu, Ruiyu
Their Currents Turn Awry: A Critique of the “Realism/Materialism” and the “Speculative” Turn


Awad, Shehab Ahmed
Another Word for Surrender

Cacciavillani, Marta
Material for a Film

Elifritz, Pat
Magda Cordell McHale: Anonymous History

Gallagher-Ross, Anna
Whispers in the Grass: The Living Theatre and The Brig

Goodalle, Stephanie E.
The Shadows of the Steel Mill: Exploring Geography and Melancholy in LaToya Ruby Frazier’s The Notion of Family

Grant, Emer
In Defense of Ambiguity

Kramer, Lola
En Route: On the Working Postcards of Lawrence Weiner (1970s – the present)

Ladia, Lian
Minor Gestures

Long, Lisa
Toward a Definition of the Musical Situation: After Works by Marina Rosenfeld

Maliszewski, Lynn Ashley
Jiří Valoch’s Artist Books and the Discrepancies Between Intention and Invention in Czechoslovakia, 1968-1976

Martinez, Melissa (Lola)
A New Wave of Interest

Niemi, Julie
Studies from the Bottom Up: Tolstoy College at the University at Buffalo, 1969-1977


Austin, Benjamin Squier
Social Practice Art and the Exhibitionary Form: Towards Dialogical Curatorial Methodologies

Blidaru, Adriana Elena
For Denotation: Language in the Work of Jenny Holzer and Slavs and Tatars

Bu Shea, Staci Ann
Emphasis Repeats: Affinity Unfolds

Camacho-Light, Christian Gregory
Queer Escapes: Noncitizen Bodies and Anti-Representation

Gentles, Timothy
We Are All Traitors: Artistic Subjectivity and the Betrayal of Community in the Work of Bunny Rogers and Cosima von Bonin

Graf, Josephine Devereux
Dark Offices of Reverie: Romanticism in the Work of Josef Strau

Güiraldes, Rosario
Minor Details: Forensic Architecture and Exhibition-Making

Herman, Laura M.M.
Infrastructure, Infrapoetics: on Relays, Support, and Access.

Hernandez, Patricia Margarita
Spooky Action: A Materialist Nightmare

James, Emma
A Path of Safe Travel: Considering the Work of Sarah Oppenheimer

Kopel, Dana
Material Intimacies, Molecular Transmissions: Reconsidering Sex In and Beyond Contemporary Art

Moro Pinedo, Humberto
Alternate Destinies

Panchia, Bhavisha Laxmi
In Search of an Elsewhere and Elsewhen: An Exploration of Sonic Reproduction, Place and Time

Peng, Yanhan
Profiling: The History of Modern Photography (1984-1993) and the Representation of an Ideal Era

Rakes, Rachael
Re-Situations: Three Revisions from the Pixelated Present

Wilkinson, Alexis
Ambiguous Objects, Ambiguous Bodies


Acarin Wieland, Xavier
Point of Contact: Person-Specificity and Performative Encounters

Ditzig, Kathleen
An Exceptional Inclusion: On MoMA’s Recent American Prints in Color and the First Exhibition of Southeast Asian Art

Esseiva, Amber
Romancing the Fragment

Fabius Rozenbaum, Roxana
Business, Intelligence, and the Aesthetic Interface between Them

Foley, Lee Rachel
Cloud Cover

Jing, Wang
CANTONBON: A Case Study of an Institution Model Since 1993

Larison, Elizabeth C.
Sharing Access, Indulging Excess: Political Economies of Parrhesia 2.0

Lynch, Robin Elizabeth
Masters of Flex: The Contagion of Network Formalism, Adaptable Subjects, and Entrepreneurial Attitudes in Contemporary Art

Myers, Park Christopher
Engaging Elasticity: Embodied Cognition, Emotion, and Neural Plasticity in the Curatorial Field

Zuluaga, Natalia C.
Coalescing in an Image: The Measurability of the Universe and Its Profound Influence on Reality


Acevedo-Yates, Carla
Curating Is a Double Game: Curare as an Alternative Model of Institutional Critique

Berfond, Lindsey
Deviance Credits: Alternative Pedagogies with Limits

Blaichman, Sabrina
Sleight of Hand: Marcel Duchamp’s Clandestine Use of Skill

Carrapatoso, Thiago Pereira
Where the Streets Have No Name

Černiauskaite, Neringa
#Reason in the #Posthuman #Collective

Dam, Malene
The In, With, and Between Us as Temporal Drag

Edens, Jocelyn
The Development

Ivanova, Viktoria
Integrative Enactment: Capitalism Rewired

Kachel, Andrew Walter
Stranger Circulations

López Menéndez, Clara
WERK! Queering Between the Lines (of Work)

Perrone, Cloé
Institutions as Spatialized Networks

Ptak, Laurel
When the Future Was Femail: Remembering 1990s Cyberfeminism

Ricciardi, Nicola
A Grand Don’t Come for Free

Sánchez Martínez, Francisco Javier
The Gaze of the Outside. On Juan Muñoz’s Double Bind


Atkinson, Robin Wallis
Thinking Through the Local/Global: Sociology, Critical Regionalism, and Curating

Berrío, Juana
Shaping the Void: Memorialization and Memory of Trauma

Dekalo, Olga
Shocks, Part Appropriations, Transformations of Relations

Fisher, Cora
Persona Ficta

Fritchey, Sarah M.
Vito Acconci and Yve Laris Cohen: Linguistic Endurance

Harris, Stephanie M.
Foundation – Construction – Inhabitation: The Architectural Spaces in the work of Hanne Darboven and Haim Steinbach

Heilich, Marie Christine
None the Wiser

Higgins, Sarah Lynn
Grid Over Grid

Kabra, Fawz
Distortions of Time and Place: Visual Histories in Syria’s Revolution

Larmon, Annie Godfrey
A Way Out As Hovering

Montero Sierra, María
Are You In?

Noronha, Marina
Deaccessioning: A Maintenance Tool in Curatorial Systems

Ramadan, Tara
For the Viewer, This Time it’s Personal: Absence in Three Cases

Rygle, Anastasia
Ray Johnson: Early Work 1945-1955

Wildenhaus, Karly
Entrepreneurial Aesthetics


Armin, Janine
Swells As It Advances

Choi, Theresa
Guided by Voices: Historical Spiritualism in Contemporary Art

Christoffersen, Helga
The Artist PhD: Proposal for an Artist PhD Program at Bard College

Cook, Rachel
The Intricate Indeterminacy within Images and Objects

Halajian, Suzy
Of Theatrics and Sex: The Plays of Simon Fujiwara and Dawn Kasper

Halpern, Clara
Alongside: Time and the Para-Institution

Jaskey, Jennifer
Mad Garland: A Thesis

Morinis, Leora
Demanding Happiness

Ritson, Alicia
Animal Captivation

Wara, Agatha
Young fish, old fish

Zion, Amy
Danh Vo: “To a little lady that always has her hands full”


Benway, Nova
Infinite Responsibilities: An Ethics of the Open Commission

Campbell, Karin
The Space Between: Co-Production and Communication in Social Art Practice

Gat, Orit
Not Necessarily in that Order

Hyun, Michelle
Listening to: a sound is a sound is a sound…

Kivland, Kelly

Lee, Nathan

Lindner, Kelly
Landscaping Ahead

Llorens, Natasha
Simultaneity, Antagonism, Politics, Contingency, Impossibility, Effectivity

Malick, Courtney
(Re)Move/(Re)Frame: New Forms of Theatricality in the Work of Brody Condon, Shana Moulton, and Yemenwed

Moscoso Larreamendy, Manuela
The Action of Things

Paoli, Julia
What’s Past is Prologue

Solack, Clark
What Happens When an Artist Dies


Barlow, Laura May
There Must Be More to This Than Just That

Demeuse, Sarah
Not Again: Exhibition and Repition

Ersoy, Ozge
Partnership Schemes

Jachula, Michal Tomasz
Derangement: Dineo Seshee Bopape, Saul Fletcher, Hege Loenne, Jacek Malinowski, Dan Miller, Anna Ostoya, Mikolaj Szoska

Kollak, Ginny
The Provisional Potential of Parafiction, or Maxwell’s Demon Made Me Do It: Sorting Fact from Fiction in Goldin+Senneby’s Headless

Mason, Daniel Coleman
Open Score Variations

Mohebbi, Sohrab
A Constitutional around the Queen’s Park: Mir-Hossein Mousavi, Abstraction and Politics

Ngcobo, Gabi Silindile
Now You See Me Now You Do: A New Life for a Dying Discourse

Palacios, Carlos E.
Ghost Stories

Schneider, Mackenzie
Access Denied: Relational Art and Utopia

Sonara, Francesca Mary
After the Headlines Fade

Stevenson, Diana
Waving Not Drowning: Voyages to Nowhere

Tikhonova, Yulia
Remodeling Systems: Vlatka Horvat, Pablo Helguera, Alon Levin

Torreblanca de la Sierra, Andrea
Tactical Implications: Place and Displace


Bourgeois, Mireille
Fixation: The Artwork of Christof Migone

Guthery, Summer
Changing Light Bulbs In Thin Air

Lellouche, Anais
Drifting Histories

Linden, Christina
Quasi-Solid: The Rematerialization of the Art Object

Llanes, Katerina
Sessions: A Politic Of Perversion

McHugh, Gene
Post-Internet: Art and Performance in the Networked Field

Meade, Fionn

Menconeri, Katherine E.
Leslie Hewitt : An Ethos of Seeing

Oz, Zeynep
The Practice of Sponsoring Artistic Production

Ritter, Marion

Ryan, Bartholomew

Somogyi, Hajnalka
Babel Fish : Some Frames for Interpreting Contemporary Videos and Films that Address Modernist Architecture

Vogel, Wendy
Lora Sana: I Was There and Not There

Wilcox, Jess
How to do things with Words


Bachelier, Sarah Marie Elisabeth
Art for our Sake!

Byers, Daniel Isenberg
(loverboy), sleep, shatter, handheld bird : Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Rodney Graham, Barry Le Va, Charles Ray

De Bellis, Vincenzo

Ebgi, Anat
Under the Influence : John Baldessari, Jen Denike, Nancy Holt, Joan Jonas, Jill Magid, Rachel Mason, Michele O’Marah, Robert Smithson

Emerson-Dorsch, Tyler
Act Out

Gray, Anna
Draw a straight line and follow it

Hoegsberg, Milena Maria
Another Time : Chen Chieh-jen, Tacita Dean, Peter Hutton

Ingram, C. Davida
Desiring Aids : The Politics of Black Masculinities in Contemporary Culture

Pollentier, Nicole
Degrees North: Six Artists and the Icelandic Landscape : Birgir Andresson,Douwe Jan Bakker, Hreinn Friofinnsson, Kristjan Guomundsson,Siguour Guomundsson, and Magnus Palsson

Smith, Terri C.
Recasting Site: Robert de Saint Phalle, Roe Ethridge, Mary Lucier and Robert Smithson

Vicario, Nicholas Klein
Modernism: On and Off the Grid

Weeden, John William
To What End?

Wolk, Lauren Judith
Ground for Progress : Aura Rosenberg, Lisa Sanditz, Gemma Pardo


Andresson, Markus Thor
Repeat performance: Roni Horn and Ragnar Kjartansson

Canguven, Ozkan
We Love Cinema

Doherty, Ryan Gilbert
Now You See It : Susan Hiller, Zoe Beloff, Jennifer Bornstein

Hernandez Calvo, Max Alfredo
Mirror mirror on the wall : intersubjectivity in parallax

Katrib, Ruba
Temporarily disconnected

Malbran, Florencia Maria
Novel readings

McNamara, Kate Meehan
Affinities : paintings in abstraction

Noriega Costas, Rebeca
In someone else’s skin

Owen, Amy Lacy
Facts on the ground

Stewart, Lorelei Morgan
A World All Too Familiar: Carlos Amorales and Christine Hill

Tamir, Chen Cheryl Rachel
Stutter and twitch

Zimmerman, Emily Bercir
From rest to rest


Albores Gleason, Montserrat
You Don’t Live Here Anymore

Fisher, Erica Hope

Greenberg, Kerryn
Uninvited (working with restrictions)

Haraldseth, Geir
Making the band

Himbele, Zeljka
Tales of places

Kopenkina, Olga
Beyond the sentence

Mackie, Amy Elizabeth
Hot topic

Mendez Prencke, Mariangela
In other words

Puleo, Risa
“An image would be missing:” another will be remade : the work of Marine Hugonnier, 1998-2005

Woyzbun, Natalie
Welcome to the Limelight


Alemani, Cecilia Paola
Altered temporality : process and time in works by Carlos Bunga, Heather Rowe, and Michael Sailstorfer

Brewer, Paul W.
Transgression and capitulation: adolescence in contemporary visual culture

Caruth, Nicole J.
Between pass and fail : miscegenation in contemporary art

Ditner, Judy Beth
Framing war : Photojournalism and the museum

Kilston, Lyra L.
The Future of the past : The World Trade Center Memorial and the politics of memory

Kim, Jyeong Yeon
Looking both ways : three artists from Korea

Mergel, Jen
Over sight under words

Moore, Jennifer Hudnall
Seeing double : shifting perceptions and slide projections in contemporary art

Morano, Maria Camilla Pignatti
Fragments of time : Marina Abramovic and Ulay, John Coplans, Stefania Galegati, Robert Mapplethorpe, and Pietro Ruffo

Piagentini, Ramona J.
Curating crossings in the San Diego/Tijuana border region

Riley-Lopez, Erin
Against our will : a selected history of feminist performance from the 1970s to the present

Siddiqui, Yasmeen M.
Four by four : the manual – projected works by Beatriz Viana Felgueiras, Cagla Hadimioglu, Hassan Khan, and Moataz Nasr

Subal, Simone
Turning back upon themselves : works by Carlos Bunga, Heather Rowe, and Michael Sailstorfer

Uran, Pelin
A forest and a tree : Yael Bartana, Phil Collins, Esra Ersen, Emily Jacir, [and] Sislej Xhafa


Acosta Romero, Jimena
Who Laughed?

Allan, Stacey
Master blaster : Louise Lawler, Le Tigre, Bob and Roberta Smith, David Burrows, and Alex Bag

Barliant, Claire Nicole
Astonishing knowledge

Bastien, Tairone
Far away so close : a discussion of works by Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard, Rodney Graham, Raymond Pettibon, Steven Shearer, and Susanna Vapnek

Hirano, Mayumi

Knebelsberger, Caroline Michelle
The past recaptured: works by Matthew Buckingham, Tacita Dean, Omer Fast, Joachim Koester, and Elisabeth Subrin.

Matalon, Mary Katherine
Archival impulse : the work of ChanSchatz, 1996-2004

Matijcio, Steven Michael
…as yet unnamable

Montoya, Joanna Lehua
Great white

Reeves, Aubrey Elizabeth
Natalie Jeremijenko : engineering art in the age of biopolitics

Rice, Ryan Aronienes

Spengemann, Pascal
Economies of scale

Van Pee, Yasmine
Boredom is always counterrevolutionary : art in downtown New York nightclubs, 1978-1985

Ventura, Yasmil Raymond
The happy worker

Zechella, Elizabeth Bary
Between above and below : Christian imagery in contemporary photography and video


Adeleke, Kazeem Olushola
More than a thousand words

Blackson, Robert Weidler
This is us

Blondet S., Jose Luis
The Ventriloquized Voice

Chan, David Ho Yeung
Any where : rethinking the meaning of place under globalization

Chu, Ingrid
Subscribe : recent art in print

De Miguel Sanz, Amaya

Edwards, Bree
Today will be overcast, tomorrow cloudless

Gray, Jennifer Lynn
Bodily acts

Green, Kate
Redefining the city from inside the gallery

Hopkins, Candice Bronwyn
Migrating motifs

Taxter, Kelly
The lengths

Tsilibaris, Christel
Autobiography and the female body in selected works by Mona Hatoum and Senam Okudzeto

Vejzovic, Ana Marija
Rest assured

Williams, Susan Maruska
Ida Applebroog, Matt Mullican and the performing object


Coblentz, Cassandra
Liminal spaces

Evangelista, Kristen
Minor alterations

Feng, Liu
The enigma of language and the perplexity of living : on the exhibition Hard to Read

Firmin, Sandra
Oral fixations

Fisher, Elizabeth Anne

Hiller, Melissa Lynne
The anatomy of ten restless paintings

Interlenghi, Luiza Maria

Sorkin, Jennifer Marla
The first five years ; High Performance magazine, 1978-1982

Winder, Jill
Present tense


Bonacossa, Ilaria

Brunson, Cecilia
False start : sport and contemporary art

Katzenstein, Inés
Aesthetic rush

Pellegrini, Elena
Art on the installation plan : Tony Capellán and Belkis Ramirez

Pérez León, Dermis
Re:locations : looking at the skin of space

Portis, Benjamin Mark
Up and out : audio in video

Rangel M., Gabriela
Telenovelas, an enterprise for global exchange


Crowe, Jennifer Michel
Protocol Prone : artistic practice and curatorial role online

Hatchadoorian, Lisa
Looking back: contemporary portraiture and the art of old master painting

Hernández Chong Cuy, Sofia

Iarrapino, Elizabeth Phillips

Mosaka, Tumelo
Wrestling with Identity

Vicente Zancas, Mercedes
This is what it is

Walkowiak, Jeffrey

Williams, Teresa
Superflex in company


Diaz, E. Alejandro
Gorgeous politics: the life and work of Franco Mondini-Ruiz

Dunlop, Jennifer
Making history

Eden, Beatrice Alexandra
Rewriting the city

Estrada, Henry Canales

Hough, Jessica
On liberating tradition: Byron Kim, Yinka Shonibare and Shahzia Sikander

Kim, Judy
Your I

Markonish, Denise
Shelf life: in and out of display

Ostrander, Tobias Jon
In passing

Von Prittwitz und Gaffron, Tatjana
Beyond conceptions : Joseph Beuys’ Social Sculpture exemplified


Berry, Ian

Cook, Sarah Elizabeth
From threat to spectacle: electricity in the work of Michel de Broin, Gary Hill, Tatsuo Miyajima, and Keith Sonnier

Ellegood, Anne Lewis
Unbearable laughter

Filonenko, Nataliya
Trying on white dresses

Lisiewicz, Malgorzata
Meta-physics of pleasure

Noorthoorn, Victoria Eugenia
The challenge of memory

Zhaohui, Zhang
Cultural metamorphosis: the art of Xu Bing and Cai GuoQiang


Eyler, Carolyn
Carolee Schneemann: drawing into evolving modalities

Garza Rodriguez, Virgilio
From one end to the other

Gugelberger, Rachel R.
The compulsion to remember

Parkoff, Susan Beth
It’s a SHE-Thing: representations of women in the Rivendell collection

Pospiszyl, Tomas
Paraphrasing the real: the miniature works of Kim Adams, Michael Ashkin and Steven Brower

Wallace, Brian
A Plenty of Time: Photographs by Uta Barth, Gunther Forg, Jack Pierson, and Carolien Stikker

Zella, Robbin A.
Interface: Jenny Holzer and media art


Basha, Regine
Diary of a human hand

Day, B. Philippa
Shifting spaces : reading the shadows Nicholas Africano and Stan Douglas

Jenkins, Jr., Sydney O.,
Next to outside

Miller, Mara Jayne
Nature/culture and the postmodern sublime : Frank Moore and Gregory Crewdson

Tomcic, Goran
Theatrum mundi: Marjetica Potrc

Vicario-Heras, Gilbert
Dissonant wounds: zones of display/metaphors of atrophy